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Thursday, July 27, 2006

But no matter what you do, it always feels as though you tripped and fell

Thursday Night -- Red Eye to North Carolina

Friday Morning -- Hook up with my college buddy Larry

Friday Afternoon -- Wedding girl (Myra) picks me up from Larry's house and brings me back to her apartment. We get naked.

Friday Night -- Myra's birthday bash. Drinking, partying, farewells (for her of course). Then back to her place. We get naked.

Saturday -- Last minute wrap-up. Goodbyes to last bit of friends and family. Pack the car. We get naked.

Sunday (early) -- We take off on the god-AWFUL drive across the country.

Wednesday -- Arrive at my place.

The next 6-8 weeks or so -- I have a live in something or other. She looks for a place of her own.


Logically it's a good move. I've been hookin up with only Lisa for the past few months anyway. No complaints there, but she still lives in LA County so we only see each other about 2-3 weekends a month. And then of course during the week nothing's really goin on. Much of that is my own doing though...I haven't been playin the field too much lately. I got comfortable with the attachment-less and hassle-free sex Lisa brought to the table. It was easy.

So in comes Myra. Hot…in every sense of the word --- physically, sexually --- just a hot girl. Loves to cook, give head, and has a libido equal or greater to mine. She more than makes up for what I’d lose in Lisa…but having her live with me, even for a short time, is freakin me the fuck out. I’ve been gettin my George Clooney on for quite some time now – it’s a hard thing to let go of. I’ll be well fucked and fed by a hottie for 8 weeks and if someone presented me with an option to cancel right now, with no one getting hurt and no one’s plans getting shot to shit…

There’s a 60/40 chance I’d take it.

I have serious issues with commitment…even ones involving hottie roommates…

Peace, Love, & Sweaty Sheets,


All the poets are just kids who didn't make it...and never had it at all...

My first masterpiece piece of crap opus...

Here is a brief synopsis of my first script that a few folks needed. So I figured I'd share... I completely don't blame you if you don't give a crap.

The First Quarter

Cameron Williams and his roommates are four twenty-somethings a few years removed from college, a few miles removed from the beach, and an indeterminate amount of time from adulthood. We meet them just as their life’s ambitions (or lack thereof) threaten to pull them apart and breakup their three year stay in never-never land.

J.D. is rapidly being promoted and is confident he’s as capable as anyone in his company. The only thing separating him from running the joint is time. Adler is fine with a hard day’s work, but refuses to do it for “the man”. A modest family-run business would do him fine. Miller is content tending the bar at a beachfront restaurant, marking the time by the tides. Cameron however, is completely lost. Doing what he was supposed to do all his life; he know longer knows what he’s supposed to do. That’s when he meets Charley, a free-spirited dreamer who knew what she wanted from life shortly after taking her first steps. Helping Cameron revive his passion proves difficult, convincing him to pursue it may well be impossible.

Different from their adolescent pasts, the decisions they make now will begin to define them as the adults they will become. But against the backdrop of love, loss, success, corporate brainwash, larger-than-life parents, and a fear or desire to become them, that definition can be hard to see. They find that the challenge of discovering in them the adult they’d imagined, is dwarfed only by the challenge of finding happiness afterward. In short, it is the end of the first quarter of their lives… No wonder they call it a crisis.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

California show your teeth. She's my priestess, I'm her priest...

Rolling blackouts, sweaty friends, and the ol’ 9 to 5. Such has been PK’s life for the past few days…

Ironically enough, there hasn’t been a rolling blackout at my job --- the only place I’d like to see one --- such is life, I suppose. Don’t worry I’m not back up to my lazy blogging ways, I’ve just been trying to keep cool and conserve energy as best I can. We live near the coast (well I moved downtown, so technically it’s the bay) but either way we usually get a great breeze and it gets nice and cool at night. As a result, A LOT of older apartments and houses (like the apartment Miller & his girlfriend live in or our old house where AD still lives) don’t have AC. I know it sounds like a weird thing, especially in southern California of all places…but it’s very true…especially in San Diego and the OC. The Pacific was your air conditioner.

Well…she’s broken down…

Miller & his chickie caught a great deal on their apartment. It was a nice little complex with only 10 units and a cool landlord who paid the electric. All they pay is rent and cable. And when they signed the lease almost a year ago on a nice cool San Diego evening, they thought nothing of the “no air conditioners” clause.

Yeah…that came back to bite them a little bit.

And ya can’t blame the landlord…I mean he’s been nice enough to pick up the tab for everyone’s electric for the last year. But paying the power for 10 apartments is one thing. Paying the power for 10 apartments cranking the AC 20 hours a day during a heat wave is a vastly different thing.

So Miller, AD, and Les have been practically living over at my place. It’s been a pretty fun reunion actually. We’ve just been swimming, catching movies, drinking, talkin shit, and playing College Football 2007 on playstation…and intermittently stopping to flip to CNN to cringe at the collusion of the Iraq War, global warming, the Israeli/Lebanon War, North Korea just firing shit into the Sea of Japan, and Iran continuously angling for nuclear weapons.

But I’m sure that behind our inept crooked unelected capable leadership we’ll be fine…

Peace, Love, & I’m Going To Buy A Fuckin Hybrid,


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Me, Bacardi, & A Vision

So ummmmmmm...hey. I'm not sure where to start. I still live by myself (for the next 10 days or so). Wedding girl is moving to California. Where in California? Oh, well that's a good question. She's moving to San Diego, actually. Where will she stay in California? Ummmm...another good question. She's actually gonna stay with me for a little while -- while she's looking for a place.

I'm a nice guy like that. Also, she gives the best head I've ever gotten in my life. But I has nothing to do with the other. More on that later.


I'm drunk... I figured it warrants mentioning. They'll be a much more coherent "where the hell have you been" post tomorrow or Saturday...but for right now this will have to do.


Have you ever seen a picture in your head that you thought might be the future? Or maybe "felt" is a more appropriate word. I know that sounds crazy...but let me explain. Let's say for example you live in Florida and work for AT&T. But you really love to play poker. And you're good at it. So you envision yourself moving to Vegas to pursue your dream. It's a clear and vivid premonition. You think it has a good chance of coming true......only you don't know when. But everytime you see see yourself leaving AT&T to go to Vegas. You can see the little going away party that they have for you...the cake....I mean you can see it clear as day. Maybe it's a daydream. Maybe it's wishful thinking. But you can see it...and the one or two other times in your life that you've envisioned something like came true. It doesn't happen to you often. But it's definitely happened. So here's the catch...

A company in Florida offers you more money and a better opportunity in Florida. You're not ready to make the big move to Vegas anyway... So this is great right? You're ready to jump ship and make more money in your few remaining days/months/years in florida. But there's one thing stopping you....

Your vision.

When you move to Vegas, you ALWAYS see yourself leaving from AT&T. This new job offer is better in screws up the vision.

It's not suppose to happen like that. Does it mean anything? Will you be veering off of the right path in order to cash in on a short term windfall. Is destiny, along with your vision a bunch of bullshit? How much can you really trust it? But of course, more on that later.


I actually got my screenplay into the hands of a manager. Did it sell and make me a million bucks?.......nope.

Did it suck and get me kicked out of his office?.......nope. Can it get me a job?.......maybe. But it's still only my first one. I need to write more. I have been writing more. Is it a good start?.........yup. Has it kept the vision alive?.......yup. Does this post make any sense at all?.........doubt it.


This may sound corny or gay or unbelievable... but I've missed you 3.75 readers. When I went on hiatus from writing, I wasn't reading blogs either. I just stepped away completely. But now as I tear through your archives (starting with meems & CB) I remembered how cool you fuckin guys were. Anyway...

Peace, Love, & It's Good To Be Back,


Friday, March 10, 2006

Those boom times went bust. My feet of clay they dried to dust. And the red isn't the red we painted, it's....... just.......rust.

You Be:
Confident -- even talk some shit when appropriate. I like it. Know what you want…and then come here and get it....or....take it.

Playful -- I know it sounds cliché, but life really is what you make it. SO many problems originate from within our very own heads. If we can make it anything, let’s make it fun…and clothing optional.

Caring -- I’m a dickhead. You’ve gotta be nicer than me.

I’ll be:
Fun -- My friends and I don’t always find good times. We make them. I’ll do the same with you…and again, clothes are optional in the fun

A Chameleon -- You can bring me to mom and I’ll fit in. Bring me to your friends…and they’ll love me. Bring me to your job…and your boss will insist I leave with an application.

Strong -- I’m 6’1 220lbs. I’m not huge, but am not small by any measure. Sometimes I’ll be the strong silent type. Silent mostly because often I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Please don’t tell anyone.

Oh and I’m not really looking for a girlfriend right now…

Peace, Love, And No Brokeback,


Thursday, March 02, 2006

I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive...

I knew CB would catch that shit. If he wasn't a white guy from Canada and I wasn't a black guy from New Jersey, I'd swear we were brothers.

Wait...what's that sayin about him? What's that sayin about me?


I'm drunk...just figured it deserved mentioning...

And while we're on the subject, his most recent post about his on again/off exactly what's goin on with the wedding chick. She won't make it... It's just a matter of how long she holds on to me...or how long I let her...I suppose.

You ever get the feeling that something big is gonna happen? Only you can't get a bead on whether it's impending elation like you've never known before....

Or doom...

Maybe it's just me. I think March will be a good month for me and my 3.75 readers. I'm sure Mimi is high on Oxy right now going, "yeah fucking right". You'll see though. I'm usually right about these things...

I'll catch ya in a couple of weeks...

Just kidding...


Peace, Love, And A Good Merlot,


Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm hopelessly hopeful and your just hopeless enough...

Lulu - yes I'm shamelessly stealing your method of naming every blog post after lyrics from songs. I'm not ashamed of this. Also, I love your breasts........still not ashamed.

* I would write more but I work in IT. I spend a good portion of an 8 hour day in front of a monitor. I go home and do work for my small business and rack up another few monitor hours. Eventually that shit starts to wear on you. I'll be blind by the time I'm 35. Either that or I'll try to click and drag someone in real life...

* I live by myself now. I still see my friends all the time, but this is still a little different. You really get to know yourself a little better when you see how you act/feel/have urges to do -- when no one is around (get your minds out of the gutter). Sometimes I feel like I'm not sure how well I know me. Maybe I spent too much of my life living for other people. Maybe I'm overreacting...

* I won money on the Rookie/Sophmore game over all star weekend. Yes...I bet on the all-star game. No, i do not have a gambling problem...............because I won.

*More coming later (and no I don't mean "later" as in another 2.5 weeks. Smartasses!! I know you were thinkin it...)

Peace, Love, and Carpal Tunnel,


Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I left my conscience pressed between the pages of a bible in a drawer...

First things first I suppose...

I broke up the band.

In May of 2000 I walked across a stage...then walked across Europe. Ok, not all of Europe...and there were planes and trains prominently involved...but you get the drift. After that summer ended I walked into my very own apartment and stayed there for...

5 months.

After which I rounded up a couple of the guys and got a nice 3 Bedroom apartment with 2 balconies and a fireplace....

In a gated community...

On a Lake... was nice.

And so the band was born. Since then I've gone from 3 guys in 3 bedrooms, to 2 guys in 2 bedrooms, 4 guys in 2 bedrooms (times were rough when we first got to cali) to 4 guys in a 4 bedroom house. Overall, every situation was a great time filled with fun, fornication (no brokeback), and alcohol. Sadly, my liver began to dwindle while my maturity began to grow.

There was an odd silence when I told them all I was leaving. Obviously at 26 years old this isn't an abnormal thing to was just unforeseen. Of course it hasn't hurt any's just changed them a bit. I hate growing up. There so much that I can't help but associate with getting older. It motivates me. It's involuntary. Toys 'R' Us was onto something back in the day.


I test drove an Eddie Bauer Explorer. I liked it. I bought it...


I saw Myra (the chickie from the wedding) again over the 2 weeks of Christmas vacation. She's spending a week with me in California and in Vegas in about 3 weeks, and then she's moving to California in August for a job. Obviously they'll be more written about this...


Work has been busy as fuck. I got a subordinate. I like him (no brokeback) and we work well together (see prior parentheses). Although he fucked up this morning...badly....and I had to get out of bed because of it. I'm over it though. I'm still at work now (forgive me for how convoluted this post sounds).


My cousin and I have started a small business. I leave one job and go home...but really I'm just going to another job. I think we may be working for ourselves in a year. I'm so excited I could piss myself just thinking about that. I'll tell ya all about it later on...and I'll probably post a few pictures of myself a little later too. Only because once I start telling you crazy kids about the job....I might as well reveal myself...(it will make sense later...i promise).

Peace, Love, And Put Your Money On The Steelers,

P to the muthafuckin K